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Doctors, nurses, medical students and other health care professionals often need to do complex calculations and remember numerous scores and classifications. Can you calculate the CHADS2 Score for afib patients or remember the Glasgow Coma Scale? This application gives you the answers with comprehensive background information and references.

Store your favorite formulas, find the most recently used or search for formulas using keywords and short descriptions. Full US and SI unit support.

Including more than 200 tools including GFR, CHADS2VASC, Infusion management and much more.

CliniCalc is a free app and based on the open source application MedCalc for iPhone governed by the Apache 2.0 and Creative Commons licenses.


Examples of new calculators included as in-app purchase: 4T Score for HIT, APRI Score, Average Blood Glucose from HbA1C, Barthel's ADL Index, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Basal Energy Expenditure (Harris-Benedict Equation), Basal Energy Expenditure, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI), Berg Balance Scale scoring, BISAP Score, Bishop Score (Labor Induction), Blatchford Score, BODE Index, Bohr Dead Space, Fibromyalgia Tender Points, Hamilton Depression Scale, HAS-BLED Score, Heart Failure Survival Score (HFSS), Lille Model, LRINEC for Necrotizing Fasciitis Score, MMRC Dyspnea Scale, Muscle Strength Scale, MRC Dyspnoea breathlessness scale, NAFLD Fibrosis Score, Nexus C-Spine Criteria, NEXUS II CT-Head Rule, NIH Stroke Scale, Nottingham Eczema Severity Score, Ottawa Ankle Rules, Ottawa Knee Rule, Pack Years Calculator, Parsonnet Score, Pediatric Trauma Score, POSSUM Score, SAPS II Score, Simplified Bernoulli, SIRS Criteria, SMART-COP Score, STOP BANG Screening Tool, UKELD Score, Westley Croup Score, ABC Score, Injury Severity Score and Modified Centor Score for Strep Pharyngitis