ICD 10

It can be a challenge to code diagnoses correctly. Do you remember the diagnosis code for mycoplasma pneumonia or aortic insufficiency?
This app gives you the answers – and is an invaluable tool for all doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals who use diagnostic codes.

Advanced search functions make it possible to search both alphabetically and systematically.

You can organize selected favorites in folders by e.g. thesis or type of diagnosis.

Diagnostic codes can be emailed to colleagues or to yourself for later use.

Further information about a diagnosis can be searched in Wikipedia directly from the app!

Please note that in this edition the original WHO ICD-10 codes are used, where there is no prefixed “D” as in the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s SKS codes. The detailed descriptions (with inclusion and exclusion criteria) of the individual codes are currently only available in Norwegian. This app uses data provided by the Danish and Norwegian health boards (Medinfo.dk and Finnkode.kith.no) and was last updated in January 2012.